Eyes, Nose, Lips


Eyes Nose Lips

Cast iKON’s B.I (Kim Hanbin), LeeHi (Lee Hayi) Genre Romance, Hurt/Comfort, AU Length Oneshot (3025 words)

Disclaimer im not doing any background check before for what-exactly-happened-on-19801981-in-korea so this story purely mine. The similar storyline in another fic were actually mine too. You can check it by yourself by reading the author’s name.



I’m sorry.

My selfishness that can’t let you go. It became an obsession and trapped you.

Were you hurt beside me? You sit silently.

Like a fool, I can’t erase you.

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Lee Hayi Kim Hanbin’s Book

Lee Hayi Kim Hanbin's Book poster

Lee Hayi Kim Hanbin’s Book

By: Noranitas (@hyukbyair)

Main Cast iKON’s B.I. (Kim Hanbin), LeeHi (Lee Hayi) Genre Riddle, Angst Duration Ficlet Rating PG-15 G

Disclaimer MY SECOND RIDDLE! I wrote it bc I don’t really impressed by the previous one (Erotomania). Review and Answer are extremely welcome you dear lovely readers!!! ^^


“Kau marah padaku? Atau kau kesal akan suatu hal?”

“Ayolah…. Cerita padaku. Aku janji tak akan mengumbarnya. Bahkan dengan Jiwon sekalipun.”

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[Ficlet] NYE Situation (B.I)

iKON Fanfiction Indonesia

NYE Situation -2 poster

NYE Situation (B.I)

By: Noranitas (@hyukbyair)

Main Cast iKON’s B.I (Kim Hanbin) , LeeHi Genre Romance(?) DurationFiclet Rating PG-15 G

Disclaimer Made for B.IHi shippers out there! Original plot+poster by me. Characters not included. Please don’t mind about my weird pairing. Review after you read it.


“How the charismatic leader of iKON spend his New Year’s Eve?”

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Melt My Heart

Melt my heart poster

Melt My Heart
By: Noranitas (@hyukbyair)
Main Cast Kim Hanbin (iKON’s B.I.), Lee Hayi (LeeHi)
Co-Star iKON’s Jinhwan Duration Ficlet (921ws) Genre Romance Rating Teen, G, 13
Disclaimer Original plot+poster by me. Characters not included. Review after you read it.

“When i put on red gloves on your small hand,
I’ll let you hold my hand,
And melt my heart.”

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